Foundation Featured in EPN Magazine

The Blue Horizon Foundation has been providing medical care and training in impoverished areas throughout the world for nearly five years. It is led by a very distinguished board of Directors: Dr. Brian Mehling, Chairman & CEO, Eddie Amarante, Founder & Director, Karina Tyler, Executive Development Officer, Katarina Novakova, Director of International Relations, Kerry Blair, Director, and Chris Mehling, Director.
The team works relentlessly to promote awareness of global inequality in healthcare by raising capital for orphanages and medical centers and funding medical research that is vital to basic human survival. Blue Horizon raises funds through corporate and private donations and promotes causes through the production and distribution of documentary films and networking events.

The Blue Horizon Foundation’s goal is to ensure that suffering children get the medical attention they need with the most advanced equipment possible, administered by the most highly trained doctors.

Current Project
Meet Bow, a little girl from Thailand, who was abandoned at birth. She has HIV and was born with disfiguring fetal alcohol syndrome. The Blue Horizon Foundation Team made her dream dream come true when they brought Bow to the U.S. for reconstructive facial surgeries. Now, Bow can smile again. Bow’s story will be featured in a film directed by Robert Korna, coming soon.

EPN Founders Maggie Delany and Hubert Charles Delany are elated to be part of the Advisory Board of the Blue Horizon Foundation.