Corporate Sponsorship

It takes a real group effort to build, maintain and support the worthy causes The Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation funds. Without the generous support of our corporate sponsorships, our work would go unnoticed.

When you support the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation, you help millions of those suffering or at risk across the globe. Our desire is to develop relationships with corporations that are committed to our cause and will work with the Foundation to elevate the sense of urgency around HIV/AIDSĀ  as well as help to educate about the prevention and management of the disease…and inspire people to take action.

Our sponsors are the flagship for our causes. We are proud to have the following sponsors and affiliates on our team:

  • Heineken
  • Milano Green
  • Rolls Royce of Manhattan
  • Griffen Editions
  • Executive Color Systems
  • Llanllyr Source

Corporate sponsorship provides the opportunity for companies:

  • To connect with people who have HIV/AIDS, or who are at risk for the disease
  • Make a positive impact in their community
  • Raise funds to advance research for finding a cure
  • Participate in outreach and education programs in the community
  • Support advocacy efforts