Stem Cells: The Revolution is Here

Stem Cells: The Next Frontier

Stem cell research is the next frontier in medicine, but many have only the narrowest understanding of what it is, what it can do, and why it isn’t explored to its full potential in the United States

A Smile for Bow

“Bow is a little girl from Thailand, who was abandoned at birth. She has HIV and was born with disfiguring fetal alcohol syndrome. Our dream came true when our foundation could offer Bow a chance to come to the U.S. for a few reconstructive facial surgeries and now she can smile again.”

Tiny Tears

“Danny Glover takes us on an intimate journey of discovery in Thailand, Uganda, Brazil and The United States to share the triumphs and struggles of children who’s lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS. “Tiny Tears” demonstrates how hope can be born out of tragedy.”

Tsunami: The Renewal

“Tsunami: The Renewal, focuses on the Tsunami that struck Thailand. An tsunami that killed many and displaced many more in Thailand, and surrounding countries.. Through this documentary, we hope to show the tenacity of the people of Thailand and their efforts to rebuild.”

Italy’s Forgotten Earthquake

“Italy’s Forgotten Earthquake focuses on the 2009 earthquake in Italy. An earthquake that killed many and displaced more than seventy thousand people. Through this documentary, we hope to show the tenacity of the people of Italy and its surrounding towns to recover its historical and cultural legacy.”

World Cup Fever