The Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation is dedicated to increasing the awareness of global inequalities in healthcare, as well as providing charitable medical care and education to adults and children in impoverished areas.


Athlete Greg Mucci Gets Back In The Game – Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation

At just 21 years old, a devastating motorcycle accident left top athlete Greg Mucci on the sidelines while he worked through a painful recovery from a serious hip injury. After conventional medicine took his recovery as far as it could go, Brian Mehling, M.D., an orthopedic trauma surgeon and founder of Blue Horizon Stem Cells, offered Mucci the opportunity to receive innovative stem cell therapy as part of a breakthrough stem cell research protocol at his center in Wuhan, China. Through Dr. Mehling’s foundation, the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation, Mucci received the procedure and now, at age 30, is on the field playing in a semi-pro football league. Watch Greg Mucci’s story and learn about the amazing health benefits of stem cells.

NYC-Based Real Estate Investor Has Innovative Blue Horizon Stem Cell Research Protocol

Gerard Rem, a lifelong resident of Manhattan with an MBA from Harvard, learned about the extraordinary benefits of stem cell therapies from a friend who had traveled to China on business and received this breakthrough treatment during his stay there. Mr. Rem, a NYC-based real estate investor, was suffering from an arthritic shoulder. After researching stem cell treatments and consulting with Dr. Brian Mehling, an orthopedic trauma surgeon and chief medical officer of Blue Horizon Stem Cells and CEO of the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation, he made the decision to travel to China to take part in a Blue Horizon stem cell research protocol.

Stem Cell Research Protocol Offers Hope for Yesenia Torres

Like typical 21 year olds, Yesenia Torres and her friends were taking a road trip to Florida. That’s when her life was changed forever. A car accident caused a suitcase to hit her in the neck, dislocating a vertebrae, and paralyzing her from the chest down. That was 18 years ago. Today, thanks to Dr. Brian Mehling and the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation and Yesenia’s determination to seek and find innovative stem cell therapies, she has experienced new found energy and mobility she hasn’t felt in years. Watch Yesenia’s story and see how our stem cell research protocol is making a difference in her life.

Building Better Tomorrows, Together

Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the quality of medical care to children and adults across the globe who might otherwise not have access to quality healthcare. To achieve this goal, the Foundation’s primary focus is to support organizations providing health and human services; including hospitals and medical research facilities. We also develop and administer innovative educational programs and specialized programs for ill and orphaned children. Together, we can raise awareness and help those in need.

Martin and Damian Trisc travel to China to Take Part in Blue Horizon Research Protocol

Growing up in Sabinov, Slovaki, Martin and Damian shared a lot. They shared books, toys, and clothes because that’s what brothers do. Unfortunately, today, siblings Martin, 27, and Damian, 22, share the same genetic disorder…Wilson’s disease. Watch as they journey from Slovakia to China to undergo stem cell therapy for a Blue Horizon research protocol.

Tiny Tears

Danny Glover takes us on an intimate journey of discovery in Thailand, Uganda, Brazil and The United States to share the triumphs and struggles of children who’s lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS. It’s a glimpse into the lives of children afflicted by these hardships. “Tiny Tears” demonstrates how hope can be born out of tragedy – written by Robert Corna.

About Us

The Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation is dedicated to increasing the awareness of global inequalities in healthcare, as well as providing charitable medical care and education to adults and children in impoverished areas.

The foundation raises capital in order to support medical centers and clinics by providing medicines vital to basic human survival, by performing advanced medical treatments otherwise not accessible to certain geographic regions, and to finance research and development in stem cell therapies and cellular regenerative medicine.

BHCF also supports children around the world who have been orphaned as a result of disease and/or war. In order to raise awareness of these situations, BHCF produces documentary films that bring much needed attention to the plight of those with limited or no access to healthcare. The provision of these resources to less developed areas enables the medically underserved to benefit from high quality care and treatment.