BHI Ambassador and PFL Featherweight Champion Lance Palmer endorses stem cell therapy in BHI Jamaica

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Lance Palmer is a featherweight MMA champion who credits stem cell treatments from BHI with a greater feeling of better overall health, more energy, and help with the training recovery process.

Mr. Palmer is a former amateur wrestler and current mixed martial arts fighter. He competes for the Professional Fighters League in the Featherweight division.  A four-time NCAA All-American, Mr. Palmer was a member of the Ohio State wrestling team.

Mr. Palmer recently won a fight on July 25, 2019 at the  Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey via unanimous decision, collecting three regular season points. In the second round Palmer faced Luis Rafael Laurentino at PFL 5. He won the fight via third-round TKO and advanced to the playoffs.

PFL Featherweight Champion Lance Palmer

Mr. Palmer has said that his successful treatment at the BHI Jamaica, Montego Bay clinic has helped him become a better fighter. He received his first treatment in 2016 and says it helps with the recovery process, preventing injury, and gave him an overall increase in energy.  Mr. Palmer recommends stem cell treatments in general and Dr. Brian Mehling in particular to all other athletes. He describes his experience in the video above.

BHI Therapeutics Jamaica provides access to stem cell therapies to patients who may benefit from these treatments. We engage in collaborative relationships with leading institutions, scientists, and physicians across the globe. We only utilize stem cells from either your own body (autologous) or from umbilical cord donors who have proceeded through a multiple step testing process that ensures stem cell patient safety. We do not use embryonic stem cells, nor will we ever.

BHI Therapeutics Jamaica has US board-certified physicians on staff for your safety. Our Scientific Advisory Board and Ethics Committee oversee the disease-specific protocols to ensure the highest standards of patient safety. BHI Therapeutics Jamaica provides therapies for neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, and orthopedics conditions.

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