Nouriel Roubini, Brian Mehling, David Drake band with The Sopranos for Blue Horizon Foundation gala

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The social event is set on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 from 7pm to 11 pm at Guastavino’s 409 East 59th Street, New York
Sep. 26, 2013 – NEW YORK – David Drake, founder and chairman of The Soho Loft, joins the distinguished group of members of the Host Committee of the Blue Horizon Foundation Gala. The Host Committee is actively involved and instrumental in providing services and support to the children who are aided by the Blue Horizon Foundation.
The Blue Horizon Foundation events, like this gala, aim to raise awareness of the great cause of promoting and enhancing the quality of medical care of people on the fringes of society around the world. For several years now, the Blue Horizon Foundation has been providing the medical care and training in impoverished areas in many Third World countries around the globe.
Karina Tyler, Executive Development Officer of Blue Horizon Foundation, says, “ We are dedicated to promote and enhance the quality of medical care of those in need. To achieve this, we raise capital to support orphanages, hospitals and medical centers in destitute areas, as well as raise funding for the medicines that are vital to basic human survival.”
David Drake, The Soho Loft, Member of Host Committee for the gala
“The primary focus of Blue Horizon Foundation is to support organizations that provide health and human services including medical research facilities. We also develop and oversee specialized educational programs for orphaned children,” Tyler adds.
Many institutional and private philanthropists of New York City help Blue Horizon Foundation in raising capital for causes and organizations halfway around the world through these social events. Blue Horizon Foundation Gala for this year is happening on October 15, 2013. The said gala will be held at the posh and well designed Guastavino’s – an architectural landmark in midtown New York.
Reserving tables will include VIP access to the evening’s program, featuring a cocktail reception, elegant sit-down dinner, champagne service and after party dancing.
“Blue Horizon Foundation is doing the best they can in supporting worthy causes. Much of their grant program allows for monetary and logistical support to sustain philanthropic projects around the world,” says David Drake of The Soho Loft.
Invitation to the gala can be purchased online at the event website:
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Blue Horizon Foundation is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the quality of medical care to those in need. To achieve this goal, the Foundation’s primary focus is to support organizations providing health and human services; including hospitals, medical research facilities. We also develop and administer innovative educational programs and specialized programs for orphaned children.
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